7 Pro Tips for Choosing a Fleshlight

7 Pro Tips for Choosing a Fleshlight

In the mid-nineties, a high-risk pregnancy forced a married couple into an asexual marriage; doctors orders. Faced with the unhappy prospect of nine sexless months, Steve Shubin asked his wife if she'd consider him a creep if he used some kind of sexual aid in her absence. After laughing together about their awkward conjured images, they realized there was a real need for a quality masturbation aid. 

Gents, this is how the fleshlight was born. By 1997, Shubin perfected his concept, opening the door for the male masturbation aid market as we know it. Today, there is a male sex toy for every unique consumer. 

So much so that it's hard to know where to start. If this sounds familiar, then this guide is for you. Keep reading to learn more about these kinds of men's sex toys and how to choose the right one for you.

1. Will This Be Your First Rodeo?

When choosing a sex toy, you can go with the bare necessities or all the bells and whistles. But, if it's your first purchase, the sheer number of options and upgrades can be overwhelming. That's why it's best to stick to the basics for your first toy.

Starting with something simple will also ensure that you don't waste money on extras that you aren't even sure you like yet. Then, once you know a little more about what feels good to you, venture off into buzzy and vibrate-y territories.

2. Decide if Discreetness Is Necessary

Like cereal to breakfast, sex toys can be an important building block to a healthy sex life. As such, you have no reason to be ashamed about owning one. However, sometimes it's necessary to be discreet.

The best sex toy purveyors offer shipping that won't belie its true contents to your household or neighbors (unless they open the box, of course!), so you don't have to worry about that. But, other situations demand stealth, such as traveling through airport security. 

If you want a toy that doesn't scream obvious jerk-off-assistance, you should check out Zolo Bumperz, which looks like benign clear rings and definitely won't raise any flags at first glance. Otherwise, you can go for an inconspicuous size. 

3. Choose the Right Size for Maximum Pleasure

The goal is for the textured areas in the sleeve to hit along the entire length of your penis. While most fleshlights will accommodate those in the average range, there are options for every size and girth. But, if you're having a hard time filtering through sizes, you should consider one with a soft outer shell, allowing you to control the pressure from the outside.

This gives you an essentially unlimited amount of customization, all with the stroke of your hand.

4. Is Your Fleshlight for Solo Play or Fun With Others?

Masturbation aids are for more than just self-love; they can elevate any sexual endeavor. But not all toys promise a couple-friendly user experience. For example, life-sized and anatomically correct body molds might not give your companion any real way to join in the action.

Instead, look for open designs like this toy, which allow your partner access to lick, kiss, or suck during use. There are also options that are operated by remote. To incorporate these with a partner, hand over the remote and relinquish control.

5. Budget or Bust

Your new fleshlight can cost anywhere from tens to hundreds (and thousands) of dollars. So, to avoid buyer's remorse, it's best to determine how much you're willing to spend before you start your search. Remember, the simplest toys can deliver high-impact satisfaction, so don't assume the highest-priced models are the best. 

If you're still having trouble finding the best male masturbation aid in your budget, scour the internet for reviews.

6. How Do You Want It to Feel?

There are fleshlights that promise to provide a completely natural experience. But for those looking for a little extra oomph, only your imagination is the limit.  Do you want to feel like your penis is in the world's longest (or tightest) slippery slide?

Well, there's a toy for that. Or perhaps you'd prefer the sensation of a hundred little fingers massaging your shaft? Yes, you guessed it, there's a toy for that too. 

Next, you should think about what type of materials you'd like best. Body-safe thermoplastic rubbers/elastomers are common materials that give users a velvety, soft texture. You'll recognize this ingredient by its acronyms, TPR or TPE. 

Other brands create their own propriety blend of mainly rubber polymers for an ultrarealistic skin-like texture that is sure to deliver one helluva climax. 

And remember, don't let the rules of nature limit you. Feel free to experiment with metal and glass masturbators for a total sensory adventure.

7. Indulge Your Wildest Fantasies

A survey found that 1 in 3 men conjure up a celebrity for mental lubricant. If you fall into that group, you've certainly fantasized about what it might feel like to have sex with your favorite porn star.

Well, you're in luck! No, Sasha Grey isn't waiting for you outside your apartment. But, you can enjoy the next best thing with perfect replicas of her sexytime parts.

Not a fan, don't worry; you can find sex toy options from nearly every major adult film actress in a bevy of tantalizing positions- like this one from Jesse Jane, featuring an irresistible side profile.

Ready for Toe-Tingling Pleasure?

If you need a little more convincing to finally take the plunge into fleshlight ownership, you should know some use these toys as stamina training and swear that it improved their sexual performance. And a recent survey seems to back that notion up, finding that adults in the US who use sex toys are more satisfied overall with their sexual lives. 

Now that you're ready to buy, use all you learned as a guide.

But remember that when it comes to choosing a sex toy, you should follow your gut. If you're drawn to a specific model, but it's not what you would typically pick, consider it anyway. You might be pleasantly surprised. 

Ready to shop? At Freaky Kiki's, we're proud of our pleasure-for-all ethos and are confident that we have the toy for you that will perfectly match your desires. Explore our Male Masturbation Aids section for more goodies that'll spice up your life.