7 Steamy Lingerie Trends to Drive Them Wild in 2021

7 Steamy Lingerie Trends to Drive Them Wild in 2021

Drive that special someone wild with a new lingerie set. Get inspired with these 5 utterly steamy lingerie trends for 2021.

You’re already sexy. Lingerie is meant to accentuate and complement your body’s natural beauty while allowing you to feel empowered and unique.

2021 is full of new lingerie trends due to increased time alone with your partner through staying at home. Whether you want to flaunt a corset or entice them with a bodysuit, there are endless options for choosing lingerie you love.

If you don’t know what kind of lingerie you’d like to try next, continue reading. We’ve put together a guide of the best lingerie trends of 2021 to inform you of what pieces will suit you best.

1. Corsets

Corsets are all the rage in 2021 because of the waist accentuation and the return to vintage style.

Their many variations in style offer a wide selection to choose from. From a full-torso style to a balconette bra style, corsets can complement any figure.

If you’re a lacy lover or a fan of beautiful hues, there’s a corset for you.

You’ll feel romantic, sexy, and confident wearing a corset for yourself or your partner. Whether you choose to pour a glass of wine and read the Bridgerton book series or to indulge in a new intimate adventure, a corset is the perfect piece to wear.

2. Crotchless Panties

Go all-out with crotchless panties in 2021. These sexy pieces will entrance your partner and they’ll never be able to keep their hands off of you.

The appeal of crotchless panties is that they’re the best of both worlds. You get to wear beautiful panties and simultaneously give your partner access to you!

From crotchless bikinis to thongs, you can find any style of crotchless panties to make you feel empowered. Pair them with your favorite camisole, cropped tee, or lacy bra to create a sweet and sexy set.

3. Panty-Camisole Sets

One cute trend from the 90s is back for 2021: panty-camisole sets. Matching or complementary, these sets involve a cropped camisole and a pair of panties.

These sets are perfectly effortless while still showing your enticing body in a flattering way. They suit any body and will hug your curves in all the right places.

Panty-camisole sets are simple and sweet for a lazy Saturday or a pajama set, while still flattering your body and making you feel sexy.

4. Silk Slips

Silk is beautifully sleek and sexy. Soft and serene, you’ll feel like a queen in a silk slip.

Silk slips drape straight down over your body, taking into account all of your curves and flattering every part of you. These are widely fashionable in 2021, as individuals wear silk dresses and silk camisoles every day.

The best thing about a silk slip is that you’ll feel comfortable, sexy, and smooth wearing it. You can even fall asleep wearing a silk slip and wake up flawless.

5. Bodysuits

The sex appeal of bodysuits is what causes them to be some of the best lingerie in 2021.

The way bodysuits stretch and hug your body makes for another effortless look. Offered in lace, mesh, and fabric styles, bodysuits are sexy on everyone.

Pair a bodysuit with a pair of heels or stockings and a choker necklace and you’ll automatically control any bedroom you’re in.

6. Babydoll Chemises

Flowing, sheer and soft, babydoll chemises flatter everyone. They offer a mini A-line dress shape, draping to your waist.

Babydoll chemises are often paired with a thong panty to create a revealing, sexy outfit that maintains a level of sweetness. Their irresistible style pleases and appeals to everyone.

Invest in your favorite look of babydoll chemises and pose for boudoir photos or show off for your partner–the possibilities are endless.

7. Mesh Lingerie

Perhaps the sexiest of the mix, mesh lingerie hugs a sheer, tight piece over your body to accentuate curves and entice your lover.

Mesh leaves little to the imagination but draws eyes to all your favorite body parts. You’ll feel a new level of sexiness in mesh lingerie, as it can bring more possibilities to your bedroom than you ever thought.

Feel the energy and try your favorite color and style in mesh lingerie–even if it’s mesh stockings only. Your power is unmatchable.

8. High-Waisted and High-Legged Panties

As inspiration from the 80s and 90s resurface, high-waisted and high-legged panties have made a comeback.

These cute cuts flatter your legs and your waist by elongating your body and creating confidence. Pair a high-waisted panty with a comfortable bra and you have a perfect lounging outfit.

9. Wireless Bras

The pandemic has encouraged eliminating bras because of the lack of a need for a bra while working from home. However, wireless and soft bras and bralettes have risen to the top in terms of comfort and style.

Soft bras are perfect for a sexy addition to your lingerie collection and enjoyable to wear every day.

With the endless choices of color, style, and fit, comfortable bras suit anyone and their preferences.

10. Patterns and Colors

Some lingerie trends of 2021 involve new patterns and colors. From polka dots to blue hues, here’s a list of the popular patterns and colors to find in lingerie this year.

  • Lace
  • Florals
  • Animal prints
  • Polka dots
  • Terrazzo
  • Turquoise blue
  • Emerald green
  • Rust orange
  • Sultry red
  • Sage green
  • Ebony black
  • Pastel pink
  • Soft yellow

These flattering patterns and colors paired with a sexy piece of lingerie create an outfit to die for.

Pair these colors and patterns with a blazer and heels, sweatpants, or a dress and marvel at how beautiful you look. The advantage of these lingerie trends is that you can wear whatever you love whenever you want.

Whether you enjoy them yourself or with others, these lingerie pieces please everyone.

Treat Yourself With These Lingerie Trends

You can never have too many pieces of lingerie. Add to your collection with these lingerie trends of 2021 and look incredible for yourself and anyone else you desire.

From babydoll chemises to crotchless panties, all types of lingerie look great on you. Simply pick what makes you feel the sexiest and feel the love.

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