7 Types of Lingerie for Women to Make Him Drool

7 Types of Lingerie for Women to Make Him Drool

There are as many different types of lingerie as there are women in the bedroom, so let’s take a look at 7 varieties guaranteed to make him drool! Are you stuck in the hamster wheel of adult life? Has the daily drudgery of work, kids, bills, and deadlines caused you and your partner to disconnect sexually?

Have you worked from home for the last seven months and haven’t worn anything other than sweatpants?

When two partners become distracted, and or disinterested in sex, or when hot sex takes a backseat to the other pressing matters in life, there’s one sure way to ignite your libidos. Lingerie.

There are many types of lingerie available. Read on to learn about the seven types of lingerie guaranteed to blow his mind.

These Types of Lingerie for Women Will Make Him Drool

The best lingerie for you is the best lingerie for your body shape. There are so many different lingerie styles available, purchasing the right one can seem overwhelming. A good rule is to find a style that makes you feel sexy.

When you feel sexy and exude confidence, your man will follow your lead no matter what lingerie you’re wearing.

Lingerie functions on a simple idea that men are visually stimulated. While this is true in a lot of cases, the sexier a woman feels, the hotter the sex will be.

1. Bustier

This is the lingerie costume most people think of when discussing lingerie. These lace bra-tops usually extend to the navel and are designed to, quite literally, enhance your bust.

These lingerie styles come in many different colors that help enhance the mood. Looking for a wedding night romp? Choose white. Want to turn your man into a raging bull? Go for red.

While that extra ba-da-boom will no doubt turn his head, these bustiers often pair with thigh high stockings to complete the look.

2. Teddy

Often referred to as a bodysuit, these are much like a one-piece bathing suit. Though lacier and sexier.

Some of them are quite simple and worn for a sexy night on the town as a top. Under your pants is the bottom part that often unsnaps at the crotch for a freaky good time against the front door or on your stairs.

The lacier, more delicate teddies are usually meant to stay in the bedroom or worn underneath a dress or fancy clothes. These are often thought to be the best lingerie styles for a special occasion.

3. Bodystockings

Looking to surprise your man and turn him into a drooling mess? Consider a bodystocking.

Bodystockings are an extension of a teddy or bodysuit in that they cover your body all the way down to your feet. Underneath a dress, they look like tights and a bra. During a night out, stew in your sexy secret until the tension is unbearable.

These bodystockings come in all different styles. The lace pattern and fishnets are the most popular. For an extra zing, there are crotchless bodystockings available in all sorts of colors and patterns.

4. Chemises

A chemise is a traditional undergarment, like a slip, originally designed to protect your clothing from body oil and sweat. What a long way we’ve come.

Chemises come in all sorts of sexy styles guaranteed to spark some interest in the bedroom.

These garments are sleek enough to wear under a dress and comfortable enough to wear all day around the house. If you’re stuck working at home, slip one of these on to start your workday.

Don’t expect to get anything done.

5. Panties

Of all the types of lingerie, these are the least complicated. You probably wear some form of underwear every day. Sexy panties are an easy, cost-effective way to turn up the temperature in the bedroom. There are several types of panties to discuss.


Thongs are a common form of underwear worn for many different reasons. One reason women often wear thongs is to not show panty lines.

Aside from functionality, thongs come in many different materials, shapes designed to get a rise from your significant other.


Sheer and see-through underwear is sold in the form of thongs, boy shorts, or bikini briefs. These panties not only give your man a view of your ladyparts but feel good against your skin and his.


All varieties of panties can be crotchless. Crotchless panties are a great way to add a quick thrill to an otherwise routine evening in bed.

There are other quirky panties available to help put the X back in your sex. Add a little sci-fi fantasy with glow in the dark underwear.

6. Vibrating Lingerie

Dial-up the foreplay with vibrating lingerie or vibrating panties. These lingerie types are often sold with remotes that you can give to your man.

With these, he can give you a little jolt on the bus, or give you a lip-biting orgasm in the back booth of a fancy restaurant with little more than a button push.

A night of this play will spike the sexual tension so high you might not be able to make it home.

7. Hosiery

With all these types of lingerie, you can customize your sexy look with hosiery. Add a garter belt and a pair of thigh-highs to increase the sex appeal.

Whether sheer, lace, or fishnet, hosiery adds an extra level to any of your lingerie.

Best TYPES OF Lingerie FOR Women

The best types of lingerie for women are what makes you feel sexy. If you’re buying lingerie to make your man drool, make sure whatever you buy makes you feel beautiful and confident. Your man will follow your lead.

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