Get Hot and Bothered in the Bedroom With These Fun Sex Games

Get Hot and Bothered in the Bedroom With These Fun Sex Games

Looking to mix things up between you and your partner in the bedroom? Here are a few fun and kinky sex games to get you hot under the collar!

Did you know that having a boring sex life can be a sign of deeper problems in your marriage or relationship? Lots of outside factors can impact your sexual activity, which can lead to lulls in when you get action.

Do you want to spice up your sex life, but you’re not sure where to start? Here are some great sex games and tricks to get you on the path to having fun with your partner again.

Dirty Truth or Dare

It’s easy to take a simple game like Truth or Dare and turn it into something that you can bring into the bedroom. You can buy a game with prompts, or you can skip the money and just ask each other questions.

For instance, if your partner chooses to tell a truth, you can ask them something exciting and intimate that you don’t know about them. This can help improve trust in your relationship and learn what you can do to bring your sex life to the next level.


Role-playing is one of the most popular games that couples like to play in the bedroom. For one thing, it’s very intimate, and you can change it up easily to prevent sexual boredom. If you don’t like a scenario, you can simply change your costume or role.

Role-playing lets the imagination run wild because the possibilities are limitless. Ask your partner what they like to imagine while in bed, and then try to put together some outfit options for your next session. You can collect many different ensembles for all kinds of fantasies.

Use Fun Blindfolds

Sometimes it is exciting to not know what is going to happen next, especially when you and your partner are used to doing the same rituals in bed together. A blindfold can come in handy to surprise your partner and have more fun together.

Make sure that you and your partner establish boundaries when it comes to acts like blindfolding. If you are uncomfortable with it but still want to give it a shot, you can have your partner tell you what they are going to do, so you’re not taken completely by surprise or vice versa.

Buy Rip-Off Clothing

If you or your partner have ever had the desire to just rip each other’s clothes off, you don’t have to worry about ruining your wardrobe. You can still have a great time by purchasing underwear or lingerie that’s designed to rip off with little resistance.

You can also check out places that sell apparel for strippers, so if you do role-playing, you can incorporate tear-away clothes for a sexier experience. That way, you can usually put them back together using velcro, so you can wear them as many times as you want.

Read Erotic Literature

When you think about adult sex games, erotic literature might not come to mind at first. However, reading these types of stories or books together can be a fun and intimate way of sexually arousing your partner.

If you want to have sex but you don’t feel in the mood, you can read some erotica with or without your partner. You can even do things like slowly take your clothes off while you read together.

Some authors write continuous series featuring the same characters, so you can follow the story. You can also find plenty of erotic fanfiction on the internet, for almost any pop culture topic you can think of.

Explore Bondage

Whether you are new to bondage or you want to push your boundaries further, there is plenty to learn. Try putting together a bondage kit with your partner that is full of things that you both enjoy in the bedroom.

One of the most popular methods of bondage is through handcuffing your partner, usually to some part of the bedframe. Many stores sell fuzzy or soft handcuffs that will do the job, but not cause wrist pain.

When doing anything involving bondage, it’s vital that you set boundaries with your partner. Discuss them before getting into it, and even try setting a safeword if you feel it is needed. Safety is the number one priority in any kind of bondage roleplay.

Shave Each Other

For couples who like bathing or showering together, shaving each other can bring a new level of trust and fun to the relationship. You can even do it as foreplay before you get into your favorite adult sex games together.

If you want to take it up a notch, you can shave your hair into different shapes. One of the most popular styles for women is the landing strip, which is a single strip of hair that points downward toward the vagina. You can get more creative with shapes like stars or hearts as well.

Incorporate Edible Elements

Many adult sex games have edible elements, so it is easy to bring fun-tasting things into the bedroom. You may have heard of edible lube, but there are so many other tasty things to try to spice up your adult sex games.

Try something like edible body powder or paint to have your partner erotically lick or suck it off. You can put it in your most erotic zones to double the pleasure and make it an enjoyable experience for both parties.

If you want something more relaxing, try laying on your stomach or back and having your partner paint a picture with edible elements. It can be fun for both of you, and your partner can eat their artwork afterward.

Use Sex Games to Have Fun in Bed

Don’t worry about your sex life taking a lull and feeling bored in bed. With these games and tips, you’ll spice it up with your partner and have fun in no time.

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