How to Choose the Best Couples Sex Toys: A Guide

How to Choose the Best Couples Sex Toys: A Guide

There are many ways to explore your sexuality and enhance your experience in the bedroom. One of the most popular ways to do this is using sex toys. 

Studies show that approximately 40% of women have used sex toys and those in relationships are even more likely to use them. This can be a safe and fun way to explore sexual experiences with a partner. While the most commonly used sex toy for women is a vibrator, there are some great toys on the market for couples. 

If you're interested in incorporating couples' sex toys into your relationship, we've got you covered. 

Keep reading to learn about the best sex toys for couples and get ready to spice it up in the bedroom!

We-Vibe Chorus

This is undoubtedly one of the best sex toys for couples. It is very easy to use; it is suitable for all body types, and it is versatile. 

The We-Vibe Chorus comes with a cheeky remote control that your partner can use while the actual toy is inside of you. The remote can control the intensity and vibration pattern to suit your sexual desire. This versatile toy is also completely waterproof so you can take the fun into the shower as well. 

This toy can be used in a variety of ways. While you wear the toy and your partner holds the remote, you can get creative with where and when you choose to use it. 

Love Breeze Clitoris Stimulator 

This is one of the most revolutionary sex toys for women. For many women, it can be difficult to reach orgasm with just penetration alone. 

In fact, only 25% of women can have an orgasm through intercourse. This awesome toy can come in super handy during foreplay as well as intercourse. It is a great toy to use during intercourse because it focuses solely on the clitoris, providing pleasure from multiple sources. 

It is also one of the most popular sex toys on the market. It has an air-pulse suction sensation which provides a similar feeling as oral sex. This external stimulation has 11 settings, sure to suit any woman's sexual appetite.

The Love Breeze is made with high-quality silicone, and it is quiet and sleek. You can use it on your own, but trying it with a partner takes this toy to a whole new level. 

You can get the Love Breeze in a variety of beautiful colors at FreakyKikis. 

LeWand Vibrating Massager

The massaging wand vibrate is one of those classic sex toys that won't ever go out of style. It becomes smaller, sleeker, and more efficient with every new design, but its function is the same. 

This toy started off clunky, loud, and needed to be near a wall plug (not that any woman complained about that at the time if she had one!). Now, with several awesome upgrades, this toy offers 10 different vibrations, is conveniently cordless, and comes in a sleek and quiet design. 

LeWand is a great toy to enjoy with a partner. You can use it on yourself during intercourse, or your partner can use it on you. 

Lovehoney Bionic Bullet Vibrating Cock Ring

Cock rings are a great option as sex toys for men. These handing rings offer simultaneous pleasure for both partners. 

This nifty toy is great because it offers stimulation for both partners. There are two rings made of stretchy silicone with a vibrating function that stimulates the testicles as well as the clitoris. 

Vibrating cock rings are one of the most popular first-time toys for couples who want to experiment. It can help increase the size and strength of an erection because of the extra blood flow to the penis. You can use this toy in a variety of positions to help adjust the intensity and level of contact. 

This is a great how for a heterosexual couple, or a male couple to enjoy. 

BASICS Double-Ended Dildo 

This kinky toy is a great option for a female couple or a heterosexual couple who are interested in exploring pegging. 

It is a 12-inch shaft with two heads to satisfy users on both ends. It gives you and your partner a deep and satisfying experience, which gives you both control on opposite ends. You can use this in a variety of positions and it is very versatile to experiment with. 

When introducing sex toys into your relationship, be sure to talk to your partner and understand each other's needs and boundaries. 

Luxe Bling Plugs Training Kit 

This is a set of anal plugs that come in different sizes so that you can gradually use a small, medium, and then large plug. They adjust to your comfort level. 

These cute little toys are made of high-quality silicone with a tip that is tapered for easy insertion. It has a heart-shaped base to ensure that it stays securely inside of you during bedroom play. 

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Awesome Couples' Sex Toys to Turn it Up in the Bedroom 

Incorporating sex toys into your relationship is a fun and easy way to explore your sexual experiences with your partner. Be sure to try a clit stimulator, a couples' WeVibe, a massaging wand, an anal training kit, a double-ended dildo, or a cock ring for your next sexual adventure with your partner. 

For all of these amazing sex toys and more, visit our website at FreakyKikis to satisfy all of your sexual desires!