Lotion Love: 5 Masturbation Lotion Brands We Love

Lotion Love: 5 Masturbation Lotion Brands We Love

5 Masturbation Lotion Brands We Love

Did you know that about 78 percent of adults around the world masturbate on a regular basis?

Yep, it’s true! That’s millions upon millions of people pleasuring themselves, and this pleasure can come in many forms and fashions. Whether you’re masturbating to relieve sexual tension, reduce stress, or just because it feels good, you’re far from alone.

However, most masturbators are missing out on a more pleasurable experience because they simply aren’t aware of the best products to use. Masturbation lotion and lubes help things glide along more smoothly, and can overall boost the satisfaction of your session.

If you’re bored with your current technique or just want to try something new, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’re sharing some of the best lotion for masturbation!

For Him vs. for Her

Before we dive into the best lotion to masturbate with, it’s important that you know what kinds of products work with your sex.

If you’re a male, lotions will get the job done. They’ll moisturize the skin of the penis while making it easier to slide in and out of your hand.

For females, lotion should not be used on or inside the vagina. Vaginas are sensitive, and the bacteria and pH level inside is very well-balanced, so anything foreign could cause irritation. Stick with lubes (don’t worry, we’ll be sharing our favorite lubes to masturbate with, too)!

1. Wicked Créme Masturbation Cream

One of the longest-lasting masturbation creams on the market, this product offers a silky-smooth glide, and a little goes a long way.

The consistency isn’t too thick or too thin either, and it’s marketed as being non-sticky, which is a huge plus.

What’s more, Wicked Masturbation Créme is packaged discreetly; it looks like a regular tube of body cream at a glance!

2. Pink Water Water-Based Lubricant for Women

Where are my ladies at? If you’re looking to try out something new, Pink Water is where you should start.

Pink Water’s water-based lube is formulated with females in mind. It’s smooth, silky, and won’t irritate your lady bits. This lube is also non-sticky and rinses right off with water.

Made with aloe vera and oat, Pink Water is gentle on vaginas and helps increase blood flow and heightens sensation. Get your very own bottle right here!

3. Boy Butter

Sold in a golden 16oz tub, Boy Butter has been around for more than ten years, so that means it’s good!

It’s an oil-based lubricant formulated with skin-nourishing ingredients like coconut oil and organic silicone blend. Boy Butter is so creamy and smooth, it actually kind of looks (and feels!) like real butter.

This delicious masturbation butter is hypoallergenic, provides long-lasting pleasure, and wipes clean with water.

4. Gun Oil Tactical Cream

This perfectly smooth and creamy product is water-based with just a hint of silicone for super-soft skin. It’s unscented, flavor-free, and delivers the ideal degree of glide right out of the jar.

Gun Oil Tactical Cream is spill-free, so it won’t leak or drip during use or while it’s being stored.

5. Pink Frolic

Wanna go on a frolic? You sure can with this delectable lube!

This 3.3oz container of pure joy helps relax and ease your zones while you’re masturbating. It’s safe to use on all kinds of sex toys and accessories, and the non-sticky formula is fortified with special botanicals.

6. Elbow Grease Quickie Cream

It’s heaven packed in a 1oz tub.

The Quickie cream by Elbow Grease is ideal for the man who likes it thick! The heavy, ultra-moisturizing formula softens skin while delivering a heightened masturbation experience all around.

It’s thick, slick, and the tub is small enough to hide just about anywhere. Definitely check this one out, men!

7. Simply Hybrid Fragrance-Free Lube

Are you a sensitive soul? This Simply Hybrid Fragrance-Free lube might be exactly what you need.

Incredibly smooth and rich, this formula works to fight irritation and redness while delivering the perfect glide. It’s free from any fragrance or flavor, so it’s a much more natural option and olive leaf extract helps to nourish the skin.

Like most of our creams and lubes for sale, this one rinses clean with just water, so it’s easy to enjoy!

8. Gun Oil Loaded Cream Lubricant

An irresistible combination of creme water and silicone, the Gun Oil Loaded cream lubricant is an innovative twist on your everyday masturbation lotion.

With Gun Oil Loaded cream, you can say goodbye to having to stop mid-stroke to apply more product. All you need is a small squirt and you’re good to go until the finish line.

This product provides explosive results while nourishing the skin with thick, white, ultra-smooth cream. What’s not to love here?

9. AQUA Candy Apple Flavored Water-Based Lubricant

This sweet delight by Wicked is just as great during a solo session as it is with a partner.

Perfect for ladies who enjoy the sweeter things in life, the AQUA Candy Apple lubricant is light, silky, and all things kissable. It only takes a single dab for you to experience the ideal glide, and the sensations created are to die for.

Experiment With Masturbation Lotion or Lube

Masturbating can improve self-esteem, relieve tension, and boost levels of serotonin. If you want to reap even more benefits while masturbating all the while enhancing your satisfaction, then you need to experiment with masturbation lotion or lube.

You can also shop for more of our favorite lubricant creams and gels by clicking right here. Have fun, and remember to visit us again for all of your sexy stuff!