What Are the Best Lesbian Sex Toys on the Market? What to Know

What Are the Best Lesbian Sex Toys on the Market? What to Know

Nowadays, the buzz for sex toys means there is something for everyone. The market is worth over $24.5 billion and growing as people realize the benefits it can add to their sex lives.

But where do you begin when it comes to sex toys? If you are looking for lesbian sex toys, there is a wealth of options available. It does not matter if you're looking to splurge or are on a budget, as there is an option to spice things up.

One of the best sex tips is to find a sex toy that works for your needs. Maybe your focus is on sex toys for couples or sex toys for women and personal pleasure. Read on for thirteen of the best lesbian sex toys to get started. 

1. Shegasm Clit-Bomb

Gone are the days when sex toys were just in phallic shapes. Thankfully for everyone, the clitoris has been discovered. And clitoral sex toys can take your orgasms to the next level.

This sex toy is a popular choice, with seven different settings that replicate a sucking sensation on the clit. It is one of the best sex toys for couples, as you can tease and pleasure your partner. And it is also one of the best sex toys for women's personal pleasure, with a variety of settings to give you a range of toe-curling climaxes.  

2. Lollicock- Kylie 

For some people, strap-on play is intriguing. This is a great sex toy to get started with this kink. It is fleece-lined to prevent chafing, adjustable, and can be used with a vibrating bullet for added pleasure. The color also distinguishes it from some strap-on options that are not always appealing for lesbian sex toys. 

3. Remote Control Lace Panty Set

Sex toys do not have to be limited to the bedroom. Tease your other half with this remote control lace panty set. One of you gets to look sexy in the underwear, while the other one takes control of the vibrator.

This sex toy fulfills many people's fantasies about secrets and taking control. Will your other half be able to contain themselves? You can also choose to stay in control and satisfy yourself, as the remote is discreet and easy to use. 

4. Jugs Nipple Clamps 

Nipple clamps usually attach directly to the nipple and stimulate blood flow for increased sensations. They are great lesbian sex toys to explore your partner's body and different areas of pleasure. However, why not add in an extra level of pleasure?

These nipple clamps come with buckets, which you can fill with liquid or another item of choice. It is a great sex toy for submissive role play too. 

5. Nirvana Cobalt Probe  

Sex toys do not have to be expensive to give you pleasure. This popular sex toy is a piece of art, affordable, and will make you scream. What more could you want?

It is also a good choice for those who want a penetrative experience without a realistic phallic shape. This shape rethinks traditional dongs and dildos with successful results. 

6. Bodywand Original Massager

When you begin to explore the world of sex toys, a magic wand has to be on your list. This historical sex toy has been around for decades, and for a good reason. It gives women great stimulation, also working as a vibrator and back massager. 

Explore different levels with ease, with a quiet motor. And this version also glows in the dark for added fun. 

7. Sensuelle Double Ended Deux Bullet 

A double-ended bullet gives you twice the benefits a standard bullet offers. It is one of the best sex toys for couples, offering pleasure to both women involved. It can also be used in water for further experimentation. 

8. Inya- the Bloom

Inya- the bloom is another clitoral stimulator in a beautiful floral design, with added texture for increased sensation. It can be used together or independently, ideally with lube. Remembering to embrace lube is one of the sex tips you shouldn't forget. 

9. Platinum Edition Bunny Kiss

This butterfly sex toy is one of the top sex toys for women because of its deep sensations. It stimulates your g spot while teasing your clitoris, which is perfect for deepening your pleasure exploration. Hold on tight as it can quickly take your pleasure to new heights. 

10. Soraya 2

Do you like to play in the shower or bath? The Soraya 2 is a high-quality sex toy designed for ease, water play, and maximum stimulation. It is also quiet, meaning you can use it easily, no matter the location. 

11. Eve's Thumping Love Button

Try this love button if you want to focus purely on the clitoris. It thumps against the clitoris, so you can sit back and enjoy the ride. Or you can use it while stimulating another area of the body. 

12. 7x Revolver Thick

There are two main types of strap-ons. This is the type without a harness, so you can focus on delivering pleasure without limits. It stimulates both the wearer and receiver so that you will be both left satisfied. 

13.  Fantasy for Her Kegel Train Set

This sex toy is also productive because it strengthens your vaginal muscles. Quickly work up to the heavier weights while enjoying intimate sensations and fullness in your vagina. It will help increase your sexual pleasure and confidence in the long run too!

The Best Lesbian Sex Toys

There are a lot of lesbian sex toys out there, and it depends on your own personal needs too. Do you want a sex toy for personal pleasure or a couple's pleasure? What type of stimulation do you want?

You may want to experiment and try several sex toys to find what works for you. The right sex toy will take your sexual pleasure to a level you did not know existed, but have patience while you find what works. These thirteen sex toys will get you started.

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