Bath & Body – Sexy Scents

Bath & Body is such a common topic but often neglected as a sexual experience.  Whether you are bathing alone or with your special someone use this time to relax, relieve tension, and have an incredible orgasm as well. First light some candles around the tub to set the mood, and then fill your tub with warm water, add some bath salts or bombs into the tub and get in. While you are relaxing take some massage oil and gently massage it on yourself, or your partner slowly, making sure to touch on pleasure spots. The rich emollient formula made with essential oils promotes deep relaxation and makes it a pleasure to give or receive a sensuous full body massage.

Bath & Body has so many different scented shampoos, and conditioners to choose from. Gently wash your partner’s hair, while slowly massaging the shampoo and then the conditioner as if they were in a spa getting completely pampered from head to toe.  Use hand, foot lotions and creams to massage and excite every part of the body. After exploring every part of the body grab your favorite waterproof lubricant, vibrator, massager, dildo, or anal toy and slowly give yourself, or partner an amazing orgasm by playing with each other.  Use the sex toys along with the bath & body experience to touch upon nipples, vagina, clitoris, penis, shaft, testicles, and anus taking suggestions from your partner how to make them feel the intense pleasure of achieving a mind blowing orgasm.  The next time you are shopping on my online store for bath & body products take the time to pick bubble bath, massage oils, shampoos, and lotions that you know will change your ordinary bath to extraordinary bath!