Anal Toys & Stimulators

A lot of people are nervous about anal sex especially if they never have done it before. It might seem overwhelming at first to even think about it. There are a lot of misconceptions about anal sex. Anal sex doesn’t necessarily mean just sex.  I suggest you slowly integrate anal sex toys & stimulators into your sex life. Play around the area at first with no penetration, and definitely talk to your partner about what is comfortable and feels good. Maybe start with lubing up the area and just massaging the outside with your fingers, or tongue. Then slowly begin inserting your fingers inside and out until you or your partner become comfortable enough to try a butt plug. A butt plug is one of the many anal toys & stimulators to begin experimenting with anal play. There are a lot of different butt plugs to choose from, classic, jeweled, expanding, hollow, inflatable, and vibrating butt plugs to name a few. People ask what a butt plug is used for, and the answer is pleasure of course!

The butt hole is also the gateway to the prostate, which is the male G spot, and in a female very easy access to the A spot and G spot. Butt plugs are also used for stretching your anus to get primed for bigger things, whether that’s bigger toys, a penis, or a strap on, butt plugs are the beginning to a whole new orgasm. Yes anal orgasms are real! There are many anal toys & stimulator starter kits that have everything you need to begin exploring another form of pleasure with, or without your partner. Forget the idea that anal sex hurts, and checkout various butt plugs, anal vibrators, anal dildos, anal beads, prostrate toys, and most importantly anal lubes. Anal toys & stimulators are definitely a must to keep your sex life open for new ideas and excitement.