Bedroom Play Gear

Have you ever found yourself looking to explore new sex positions but aren’t quite sure how to begin?  Bedroom play gear is exactly what you are looking for! Sex pillows, or position pillows are truly worth investing in.  Sex pillows may just help with something like back pain so you can have sex longer.  There are many reasons  for using a position pillow, like deeper penetration, or  for helping  to support you while bending your knees, and allowing  more leverage for thrusting without trying to support your body, and  don’t forget easier access to your clitoris for you or your partner.  Or perhaps using the pillow to prop your ass up so your partner can grab you from behind and thrust their penis into you , or maybe throw on a strap on and try fucking your partner from behind.  So many endless scenarios to a position  pillow!

Bedroom play gear includes sex stools that take the strain off your thighs, while enjoying weightless sex, bouncing up and down on your partner with ease, trying new positions and moves you never thought possible! Bed sheets are designed to withstand your wildest bedroom play, and can be used with all types of lubricants making way for uninhibited fun. Sex machines are also a must when trying new bedroom play gear. So many different types to choose from allowing you to work new angles, experiment on how hard, or what angle you prefer being fucked from. Go deeper, and fuck like you’ve never fucked before! Bedroom play gear offers endless products like strap on vibrators that are curved perfectly to reach the G-spot or P-spot, swings, cock rings, clit vibrators,  smartphone app controlled sex toys for her, him or both. Now that I have made you a little wet and curious start shopping Freaky Kikis today!