Dildos & Dongs

What is the difference between dildos & dongs? Simply put a dildo has a base, whether its testicles or a flared base and a dong does not. A dildo is an object usually designed for sexual penetration of the vagina, mouth, or anus, and is solid and resembles an erect penis. A dong is also shaped like an erect penis but it is a sex toy used for masturbation or simultaneous stimulation of two female partners. Dildos & dongs offer incredible stimulation without the need for batteries. Freaky Kikis offers a wide variety of shapes and sizes to find what suits your needs. Dildos are primarily meant for women as the sensation of feeling fulfilled in their anus or vagina is just incredible. The tightening of muscles is what makes it all the more pleasurable, which is why women are using dildos regularly to orgasm, with or without a partner. When using a dildo alone you will feel more comfortable with experimenting with different forms of vaginal and anal penetration. When penetrating your partner with a dildo it gives pleasure to both of you because as you begin penetration of the dildo you have an up close and personal view of your lover’s vagina or anus accepting the dildo. It can be completely erotic to see your partner pull in the dildo and push it out as they become more excited. Men sometimes face difficulty maintaining an erection while women could take long to climax. Dildos help make this frustrating experience better because the male can continue to penetrate with the dildo watching his women get off on the thrusting of the dildo in and out of her vagina or anus, and maybe during that time the man may become hard again and ready for another round!  A dong during oral sex can be sexually pleasing to both a female or a male. While indulging in oral sex on your partner use a lot of lubrication on a dong , and penetrate the  women’s vagina, or anus, and if using on a mal, use a lot of lubrication, and penetrate his anus.  There are so many  dildos  & dongs to choose from if your wanting to experiment. There is no right or wrong choice it’s what makes you comfortable, and of course it’s what makes you cum. There are anal, bendable, dong with balls, double dong, double penetrator, G-spot, harness & strapons, large & thick, make your own, realistic, slim/small, glass, huge, double ended,  squirting, strap on harnesses,  and suction cup options.  Dildos & Dongs definitely can make your masturbation or sexual experience so much more satisfying. The only thing left to do is start shopping today so you can begin enjoying more sexual pleasure!