When I think of massage I think of relaxing. Massage not only reduces stress, improves circulation, reduces pain, eliminates toxins, improves flexibility, sleep, immunity and fatigue. Now imagine what massagers can do for you and your partner in the bedroom.  First set the mood by dimming the lights, lighting some scented candles, and pick some oil, lotion, or both. Make sure the oil, and lotions  allow  smooth rubbing and gliding on your partners body.  Also warm the lotion, or oil, or pick sexy candles that are made to melt and drizzle over your partner’s body.  Begin at the top of your partner’s  body slowly rubbing your fingers through their hair, and working your way down to the ears, and neck and shoulders. Remember to use your hands and continue to re apply oils and lotions.  Now grab your favorite massager to use on different parts of the body. Start with the nipples slowly working your way down the stomach to the vagina, make your partner spread her legs, and slowly massage her legs and feet, and work your way back to the vaginal area, remember the multiple speeds, and pulsations the massagers have. Finish off the massage with an amazing massage of the clit for the ultimate orgasm!  Now repeat exactly the same routine on your partner except focus the massager on the testicles and penis ending with orgasm. Massagers come in so many varieties, sizes and colors, and some are specifically designed for sexual pleasure of certain areas. Wand and massager vibes are great for extreme power and no nonsense reliable stimulation. Wands come in both electric, rechargeable versions, and some mini versions even take batteries. A lot of wands come with flexible heads, and are bendable for easy positioning, and hitting target spots! Remember a massager is for external use only, but many offer all kinds of insertable attachments meant to slip over the head to meet the needs of both you and your partner.